Viva Racing is dedicated in helping skaters of all levels and abilities, reach their desired goal by providing a wide variety of products essential to their skating career. At Viva Racing, we pride ourselves on our professional service and knowledge of professional skating, and our customers know they will get quality with best performing products.

      We understand that everyone has unique qualities and that skating products need to be selected based on those qualities, taking into consideration both skating level and coaching opinions, and of course fit into your budget. The success of our products and its committed performance have built in faith among skaters and coaches all over the country and you can see them skate confidently on our brand Viva Racing. We are the sole Distributors of Worlds No.1 speed skating brands, Luigino Racing, Atom Wheels, Atom Gear, Bionic Bearings, Jackson, of USA, Powerslide Germany, Matter, Cityrun- Korea, Battle Wheels Usa, Swiss Gold Bearings.

      Viva Racing carries everything a skater needs for skating practice to competition, and every day in between. Each pair of skates needs to be specially fitted, tuned and set up to maximize performance, minimize wear and tear and cater to your unique qualities. We also inspect every order before it leaves our warehouse and ensure completeness, quality, compatibility and building trust with each customer.